January 27, 2021

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Taos, New Mexico    January 27, 2021

Our Flavor of Cohousing

Cohousing is defined as “intentional community” and describes a housing model in which residents actively participate in the design and management of their own neighborhood. Residents have their private spaces and make a commitment to look out for one another. Every cohousing community is different as each strikes its own balance between individual space and social contact. Valverde Commons has developed and continues to create its own version of cohousing.

• In some cohousing communities, every decision is made by consensus, including the design. HOW VC IS DIFFERENT: we utilize majority decision making and empower committees to make decisions within their purview. All VC members are welcome to be on any committee. We have facilitated, monthly business meetings for discussion and community information, and when needed, voting on important issues.

• Most cohousing communities are predesigned developments and tend toward architectural design that is focused on group living. HOW VC IS DIFFERENT: we each design and build our own homes within guidelines of aesthetics and sustainability and certain stylistic elements that blend with the overall look of Taos.

• Cohousing communities share common space and amenities. HOW VC IS NO DIFFERENT: we share almost four acres of green space with walkways and places for chance meetings. The Common House is used for potluck meals, meetings, classes, and parties. The Barn houses our common tools and has a workshop area.

• Some cohousing communities expect members to participate in regularly scheduled meetings. HOW VC IS DIFFERENT: We have scheduled monthly meetings. Participation is optional, however there are quorum requirements.

• Some cohousing communities do group maintenance on residents' homes. HOW VC IS DIFFERENT: At VC we maintain our own homes and yards. Responsibility for common areas is shared through monthly work days and individual efforts at other times.

• All cohousing groups promote living harmoniously and cooperatively. HOW VC IS NO DIFFERENT: We commit to being the kind of respectful, generous neighbor we would want to be living beside. We are comfortable with letting our relationships build organically.


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Vist:  seniorcohousing.com ,

Read:  “Why would anyone join a cohousing Group?" By Ron Sandelin (PDF)


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