August 6, 2020

There are currently

3 houses and one 

building site for sale
at VC:

404 Valverde Commons Dr.
SW Adobe
3 bedroom, 2 bath
Oversize 1 car garage
1859 Sq ft
Berkshire Hathaway
575 770-0369

417 Valverde Commons Dr.
2 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath
SW flat roof style

Offered at $385,000
approx 1,000 sq ft

Contact: Carol Wells


425 Valverde Commons Dr.

Hip roofed main building

with enclosed courtyard

3 Bedroom. 2 Bath

1,800 sq ft

Separate studio with .5 bath

600 sq ft
Contact Hank at


415 Valverde Commons Dr.
Vacant Lot with all utilities in place
For sale by owner
Alice McClelland

For VC information

Taos, New Mexico    August 6, 2020

Land and Buildings

Land & Buildings

The 10 acres that comprise Valverde Commons are right outside the Taos Historic District and walking distance to the Library, Town Hall, and our famous Plaza. Shops and restaurants, including our wonderful Cid's Organic market are a good walk or bike ride away. Our land was formerly categorized as agricultural and our neighbors currently graze animals on their land. Remarkably, though we are a hop, skip and a jump from civilization, we can see horses, cows, prairie dogs, and birds from our porches. One of our neighbors, Not Forgotten Outreach, is a center for returning military veterans that operates a complete farm with a variety of farm animals. It’s not uncommon to see peacocks, dwarf Shetland ponies, llamas and goats.

We have a stunning view to the north of the beautiful and mysterious Taos Mountain which is kind enough to put on a show for our daily delight. Weather is very potent here in the high desert air and our mountain is alternately white, blue, green, purple, lying in mist or clearly outlined. All of us who own lots here are blessed with a view of Taos Mountain; it keeps us company and reminds us of the wonder of our planet.

Adjacent to Valverde Commons is the 10 acre Sunset Park, a public space where strollers and their dogs enjoy daily walks. There are some unobtrusive benches and chairs in the Park where one can sit and savor the absolutely pastoral view of grazing animals, wildflowers and yes, our ring of mountains.

We have mindfully carved out 28 lots at VC and they go around in a circle, surrounding almost 4 acres of open land. We have a gravelled pathway in the open land with spokes that lead to the lots.

Each lot owner designs his/her own house and garden. We've got some basic parameters such as a height limit of 17 feet and a designated building envelope the house may occupy, but when it comes to design, each owner may create the space that suits his temperament and budget. Sizes of houses vary from about 700 square feet to the largest at under 3,000. Each house is different, and yet they all sit happily together, much like the people that reside in them.



Our Common House


Doing it yourself- Hank on his roof


Steve and Barbara in their new Leed Platinum house


Passageway- a glimpse of heaven


Goin' home


Sunset Park

Under construction



Porch Paradise-the Draper House

 The Barn