October 15, 2019

There are currently

two houses and one 

building site for sale
at VC:

417 Valverde Commons Dr.
2 Bedroom
1.5 Bath
SW flat roof style

Offered at $385,000
approx 1,000 sq ft
for details 
Carol Wells


425 Valverde Commons Dr.

Hip roofed main building with enclosed courtyard

3 Bedroom

2 Bath

1,800 sq ft

Separate studio with .5 bath

600 sq ft
Contact Hank at


401 Valverde Commons Dr.
Vacant Lot with all utilities in place
For sale by owner
Laura Sierra
011 52 1 624 113 1841

For VC information,

contact  info@valverdecommons.com

We welcome your inquiry.




Taos, New Mexico    October 15, 2019

History of Valverde Commons



The idea for Valverde Commons was born in the hearts and minds of a group of long-time Taos residents who hankered to live in community and wanted to do it here in their beloved hometown. In 2006, they had begun to explore the possibilities when, lo and behold, the right property became available. Bob Draper and Stephen Rose, two of the CoHousing pioneers, were able to buy the land, and with other interested friends, set about developing the concept that has become Valverde Commons. Potlucks turned into visioning parties and planning sessions. Lots were laid out to offer a view of Taos Mountain. A road was built; water, electricity, sewers, fiber optic cable, TV cable, phone lines -- all the necessities of life-- were installed. At some point, VC lots were marketed through the CoHousing network, attracting buyers from all over the country.

As of summer 2017, 21 homes have been built, with one more in process. Six lots are owned by people who plan to build in the future. Two houses are available for resale.

Sunset Park

The history of Valverde Commons also includes the 10-acre Sunset Park adjacent to the Commons. The park was established during creation of Valverde Commons as part of the original purchase and is held in trust for use by Taos residents. Sunset Park has a Board of Directors and is managed as a nature preserve and walking park. It is a popular spot used by dog walkers, sunset viewers, and exercisers. Valverde Commons members contribute to the maintenance of the trees and vegetation.