August 21, 2017

We have a resale of Lot #17.  Currently in contract 

We have a 2 BR 1 1/2 Bath house for sale.  Here is the listing: 
House For Sale

For information, contact Neala Peake at

We welcome your inquiry.

Taos, New Mexico    August 21, 2017

History of Valverde Commons


The vision of Valverde Commons was born in the hearts and minds of several long-time Taos residents who hankered to live in community and wanted to do it right here in their beloved hometown. They set out to discussing the possibilities when, lo and behold, just the right piece of land right in the center of town suddenly became available. Bob Draper and Stephen Rose, two of the pioneers, went into action. They bought the land and set about creating the infrastructure and idea that has become Valverde Commons.

The hubbub began. Potlucks turned into visioning parties. Meetings into planning sessions. Lots were laid out to offer everyone a piece of the pie and a view of Taos mountain. Other local folks were captivated with it all and signed on to buy lots. The road was built. Water, electricity, sewers, fiber optic cable-- all the necessities of life. Valverde Commons was a go!

By summer 2015, we have accomplished so much. Our Common buildings- the beautiful common house and barn, are up and running. Our 2200 square foot common house is a stunner with its large multi purpose room, incredible cook's kitchen, pantry, mail and recycling area, sitting room, two bathrooms, washer/dryer and outdoor patios. It's been well used for regular potlucks, Thanksgiving feasts, New Year's Eve Galas and even a wedding party! Our barn is housing lots of shared gardening equipment and now has its own workshop just aching for creative hands and minds.

We have just one lot for sale and one resale lot.   Twelve houses built and occupied with a few under construction. Residents have put their unique stamps on their homes and lots, with all kinds of trees and gardens and fountains springing up. We built an inner walking path so we all can take that shortcut to the Common House and peruse all the new developments in our neighbors yards as we do it.

Our “mavens of mulch” are dreaming up scenarios to landscape our common almost 4 acres, a labor of love that is ongoing. Envisioned are meandering paths amid native grasses and wildflower meadows with dense plantings of bird-friendly trees and shrubs. There will be places to pause and contemplate the beauty of our world and chance upon our neighbors for friendly chats.

If this sounds like a place you'd like to call home, we welcome your inquiry and visit. It hasn't been exactly easy to create our Co-Housing Community- it's a work in progress for sure. But frankly, that's what we like about it, and we hope you will too. It's an experiment in living intentionally, and a true adventure to create a Community where we all share the vision, the work, the fun, and the glory.

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