January 27, 2021

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Valverde Commons

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Taos, New Mexico    January 27, 2021

Our Vision of Community



The Vision of Valverde Commons

We are a group of individuals with gifts and talents that we desire to share with each other in a close-knit, supportive community, surrounded by good neighbors. We plan to support each other physically, emotionally, and spiritually as we age.

We appreciate and honor the need to balance community with privacy and recognize that spirituality is an individual choice. We share an appreciation of the natural world.

We recognize that we need something bigger than ourselves for our community to thrive and encourage members to have a life outside our neighborhood—to engage with the broader Taos community.

Valverde Commons is designed to meet the needs of mature adults. However, we value family and welcome visits by young friends, children and grandchildren.

We recognize that decision-making is an important, complicated, and ongoing task for an intentional community. We work to establish clear and efficient procedures so that decisions are made fairly with input from all community members.

We emphasize and value respect for one another, tolerance, privacy, patience, love, diversity, individuality, compassion, openness, honesty, playfulness, harmony, a willingness to solve problems and to help each other in times of need.

Thoughts on Aging in Place

We wish to stay in our individual homes and our community as long as possible. We commit ourselves to helping our neighbors as they age. When one of us is ill or infirm, we will offer help with company, food, shopping, transportation, and other needs.

As a community, we will educate ourselves about health care resources, home health care, and hospice options to be an informed resource for our neighbors.

While we intend to help our neighbors to remain in their homes as long as possible, we are not health care professionals and cannot commit to caring for those who need professional care. We will support each other in planning for the possibility of needing more care than the community can provide.