January 27, 2021

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Valverde Commons

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If you could create your ideal community, what would it look like?

Valverde Commons (VC) is an intentional community of seniors (over 55) that follows the concept of CoHousing.  Residents are actively involved in the design and operation of their community and as neighbors know each other and have ongoing social contact.   Our individual homes circle a common, grassy area with paths providing access and opportunity for socialization. Activities and meetings occur in the Common House. Our Barn houses shared landscaping tools, a complete woodworking shop, and space for individual projects. Our homes are built with energy efficiency, water saving features, and sustainability principles. Sunset Park, adjacent to VC, provides 10-acres of open space for the greater Taos community


Social Living & Decision Making

Valverde Commons has By-laws and Covenants to guide and inform the process of community living. We have facilitated monthly meetings, at which decisions are made by majority rule. There are monthly work days, on which we attend to the landscaping and minor repair work needs of the community.  We use Committees to address more specific needs.  The committees are empowered to make decisions for things that do not require a community vote.

Community Activities

There are many activities at VC.  These include potluck and team-prepared dinners, a book group, Zumba and Yoga classes, women's knitting/sewing/chat group, Bridge playing, ping-pong in the Common House, a current events discussion group and an ongoing movie series.    Several VC residents are artists, some professionally established, and we have an arts committee that hosts a ongoing art show in the Commons House.  Camping, hiking and skiing are enjoyed by those who want to experience the great outdoors that surrounds Taos.  Neighbors frequently carpool to art shows, concerts, movies and other local events.

Location, Location, Location

Valverde Commons is well situated in Taos, New Mexico, which is a small town in a stunningly beautiful natural setting, with strong Native American Indian and Hispanic roots. At an altitude of 7,000 feet, Taos has a four-season temperate climate and clean fresh air, lots of sun, gorgeous sunsets and interesting cloud formations. The traditional Plaza is a center of many Taos activities, such as concerts, rallies and holiday celebrations. It is an easy 15-minute walk from VC.

Santa Fe has a small commercial airport and is about 1.5 hours south of Taos; the International airport in Albuquerque, an hour southwest from Santa Fe serves many cities. There is shuttle service to and from Taos which includes transportation to the renowned Taos Ski Valley.

The community is comprised of 28 home sites. Our private lots are small, leaving the bulk of our land free for gardening and nature. Cars are kept on the periphery. We own our homes and land individually and pay a modest quarterly owner assessment. The central meadow, peripheral road, Common House, and Barn are held in common. Ownership is structured so that individuals will easily be able to sell their homes if they wish to leave the community. If you are interested in learning more about Valverde Commons, explore the site, call or email us to chat, and come visit. Maybe our ideal community is yours, too.

Shared Buildings & Land

VC homes are intentionally small to reflect a desire for a simpler, less cluttered life. Our 2200 sq. ft. Common House contains a multi-purpose room for meetings and large gatherings; a comfortable conference room/library, a commercial size, fully stocked kitchen; a pantry; two bathrooms, one of which could be expanded to include a shower; a laundry area; closet storage; a large closet in which chairs and tables and a ping pong table are stowed; outdoor patios with a grill; a mailroom. 

The building we call the Barn is for community projects.  One half of it contains landscaping mowers and tools, ladders, welding equipment and open space for projects.  The other half contains a professional woodworking shop with 220 v power equipment and heat for all year operation.